Now then, if attempting to describe Pataphysics wasn't enough of a contradiction - please allow us to (pathetically and quite insufficiently!!) continue reducing the museum experience - to words.

Upon arriving at the gardens and historic estate that comprise Musée Patamécanique’s secret location guests are led into a small gothic chapel. Once inside a brief orientation on the history and foundations commences - and then the show begins.


Like Alice’s dissent into a dream-world that defies conventional understanding guests are led on a whirlwind tour in which they encounter clocks that tell time by way of shifting aromas, floating cylinders that manifest new and never before seen dimensions of space, questionable mechanisms that conveniently reconstitute digested foods, holographic ears that play the violin and a fully operational time machine which quite literally, takes visitors on a trip into the future. There are acts of prestidigitation, a variety of singing automata, a REAL peanuts enlarger and an enchanting device that reconstitutes the dreams of dead bumble bees - to name just a few.

Unlike other museums the intention (of this spectacle!!) is NOT to teach and inform but rather to playfully disorder the senses, spawn wonder and intentionally derail conventional logic - thus opening the mind for potential Pataphysical perception.