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Now then, if attempting to describe Pataphysics wasn't enough of a contradiction - please allow us to (pathetically and quite insufficiently!!) continue reducing the museum experience - to words.


Upon entering the museum's darkened foyer guests are greeted by a mischievous masked guide.  After a round of introductions the guide ushers visitors into an adjoining chamber where the lights slowly dim and warbling carnival music plays softly in the background...

Like Alice’s dissent into a dream-world that defies conventional understanding guests encounter an array of quizzical contraptions and performances like; clocks tell time by way of shifting aromas, floating transparent cylinders manifest new and never before seen dimensions of space, questionable mechanisms conveniently reconstitute digested foods, holographic ears play country jamborees on the violin,  formidable acts of prestidigitation are performed by animatronic forest creatures, guests interact with an ACTUAL peanuts enlarging machine, a device reconstitutes the dreams of deceased bumble bees and a fully operational time machine takes every visitor on a trip into the future. 

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