Conversely, Musée Patamécanique is set in a small gothic chapel hidden somewhere in the charming seaside town of Bristol, Rhode Island. Once inside the darkened gallery artfully hidden projection systems along with oversized phenakistoscopes, technologically enhanced thaumatropes, talking automata and other eccentric forms of machinery are brought to life by a mischievous masked guide to produce a 50 minute show of illusions, musical performances and other twists of perception. Much like Étienne-Gaspard Roberts's early phantom chambers Musée Patamécanique is a highly curated sensorial experience available to a limited number of guests and only after dark.

Where Le Musée differs from the phantasmagoria of times past is that instead of creating an eerie atmosphere aimed to frighten visitors - these  environs are filled with a collection of Patamachines specially designed to spark Pataphysical thinking89.