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This page is a list of new precautions and systems that we are considering implementing for our eventual reopening.


  • In the past admission was $20.00 per visitor for groups of up to 6 guests and payment was due at the time and point of the actual (or fictional?) departure. However, the Covid 19 crisis has caused us to re-think our admission policies.

  • We are considering making the new price of each tour package $100.00 for groups of 2 to 6 individuals.

  • This sounds like a price increase, but its actually a $20.00 reduction.

  • In the past our Curator of Audiences would pair couples and small groups of visitors together to form groups of up to 6 (thats $120.00).

  • Going forward our new procedure will require one lead guest to arrange for every individual that joins their tour. This way all guests will be accustomed to one-another prior to arrival.

  • All admission payments will be made by this individual.

  • Payment will be touchless and conducted online prior to arrival.

  • Guests will receive pre-visit information about their tour as well as additional safety practices as part of the reservation process. 

  • Our guides have always worn a special mask that hides their faces and mouths, but an additional filtration system will be added to this system.

  • We are considering offering special hand-made masks to every guest no cost. Guests will be required to wear these masks while inside Patamechanics Hall.

  • Ample hand sanitizer will be available at all times.

  • Disposable protective ear pads will be included for the audio portion of the tour.

  • Thorough wipe down and sterilization of touchable surfaces will take place before every tour.

  • Patamechanics Hall will have a new, open-air ventilation system.


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