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Part of the legacy of the Wunderkammer - or the Cabinets of Curiosities, Musée Patamécanique is a small, private museum rumored to open its doors to friends, colleagues and occasional outside observers from mid-May till late October.



Yet, there are some who say that Musée Patamécanique does not exist! They say the museum is nothing more than an elaborate hoax concocted by an enigma of puerile Pataphysiciansand that any attempt to find it will be a total waste of time. 


Tours may (OR MAY NOT!) take place in the heart of Historic Downtown Bristol, Rhode Island. About 30 minutes by car from Providence, 80 minutes from Boston and 4 hours from New York City. 


We’re (conceivably) open by appointment only for groups of 2 to 6 visitors from about mid-May through October on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Saturdays are generally reserved for groups of 4 to 6 guests.

Our (potentially mythical) excursions depart at sunset - which is at a different time every night but generally between 6:00PM and 8:25PM. We’ll let you know the exact time when we confirm your visit, but you can learn more here. 



$20.00 per visitor - Cash Only

Payment is due at the time and point of your actual, or fictional departure.



WRITE US A LITTLE NOTE including the following:

1, The day you would like to visit.  

2, The number of visitors in your group. We can accommodate (imaginary?) groups of 2 to 6 people.

3, A name by which you and every member of your party would like to be addressed.

Be advised - It usually takes 4 or 5 e-mails to arrange a tour. We like to get to know a little bit about each visitor prior to their arrivalThis playful interaction is where the process of passive visitors becoming engaged participants begins.91


If you are made uncomfortable by small dark spaces, walking and standing for about 100 minutes, Rabelaisian humor87, seriously bad puns16absurdism* and being immersed in a world of childish whimsy - then we suggest that you seek alternative forms of entertainment. Read more about the physical aspects of our (possibly imaginary) tours here.



Life – can be complicated. We'll understand if you need to cancel or reschedule your visit, but please try to give us as much notice as possible as we put a great deal of time into preparing for every (would-be) tour.



If the forecast predicts rain on the night of your (ahem... ) visit, the outdoor portion of the exhibition will be closed. This will shorten the length of your tour by approximately 30 minutes. We reserve the right to cancel tours due to inclement weather, an electricity outage or other unforeseen circumstances.



Whether we exist or not is of no consequence - what matters most is that you come early and dine at one of Bristol’s many fine restaurants before possibly imaginary visit. OR, pop-into one of our numerous night-time establishments after your would-be tour. Better still - Spend a whole day exploring our beloved town! There are historic sites, bike paths, walking trails, nautical museums, parks, arboretums, galleries and eclectic shops galore. Heck, check into a B&B and spend the weekend! Bristol has so much to offer and we’re excited to share it all with you! 

Thinking about attending a tour? Please take a moment to read our

Frequently Asked Questions

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