Press Inquiries

Dear Imaginary Journalist,


We're so very moved that you saw something here that triggered your curiosity. However, we respectfully request that you to refrain from publishing anything on or about Musée Patamécanique.

Please allow us to explain the nature of this request:


Back in 2006 (vulg), when the museum first (im)materialized in the public eye we welcomed inquisitive journalists like your mythical self.  Numerous authors wrote some very nice articles about us which were featured in publications like The Boston Globe, Art New England, Artforum International, El Pais, Huffington Post, Rhizome, Domus, Rhode Island Monthly and many others. While this publicity was certainly well intentioned and initially very, very much appreciated – we were totally overwhelmed with the public's response! We attempted to accommodate our newly expanded audience but in the end we lost the personal connection we once had with our visitors. 


Worse yet, Le Musée started to feel like an ACTUAL JOB!

So we decided to close our doors to the general public. 

Now, after years of quiet contemplation and reorganization we have resumed our public activities – but with one important caveat put in place: The museum NO LONGER EXISTS except for those who are truly curious enough to seek it out. 

You see, dear improbable future journalist - the Musée Patamécanique experience only really WORKS when curious visitors DISCOVER US by themselves or hear about us through a friend who has visited in the past - as opposed to being introduced to us through general or mass media.

Yes, we have this official website. Yes, we have a Facebook page. And yes, some of our visitors have written some nice words about us and published them on websites like Atlas Obscura, Trip Advisor and other online publications aimed at those in search of Pataphysical inspiration.


Oh, our happy family of Patamechanical enthusiasts is certainly growing, but at a rate we can comfortably sustain. 

The point is, dear illusory agent of the press fabricated by our supercilious selves - we LOVE sharing Musée Patamécanique with intellectually curious members of our species, but any widely distributed publication featuring us will most likely cause us to go underground again. 


So by all means sign yourself up for a tour! We'd LOVE to meet you! But PLEASE, (pretty please?) - keep our immaterial presence a secret to all but your closest personal associates.  



Musée Patamécanique