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1. Children's Play Area 

2. Pataphysical Conduit

3. Staff break room - Trampoline/Juggling area

4. Region of the Wilson Lincoln Effect

5. deSelby Center for Supreme Pancakes

6. Office of Dr. Faustroll

7. Center for Prospective Antiquity

8. Daren Elsa Nibelly's Office of Curatorial Affairs

9. Borges' Library and Media Center

10. Martial Canterel's Office of Tourism

11. Department of Mechanical Hearts

12. Department of Autodidactic Engineering


13. Cabinets Within Cabinets

13b Area of Unlumination

14. Olfactory Lighthouse

15. Home of Tamias Striatus - A Rabelaisian Encounter

16. Our Flock of Singing Electronic Nightingales 

17. The Pointing Machine

18. The Time Machine

19. The Undigestulator

20. Singing Mixotricha Paradoxa   

21. Schrödinger’s Cat Care Center

22. The Singing Moon

23. On the Aerodynamic Properties of Arithmetic

24. Study of the Potentially Infinite Variations of Ha-ha

25. The Dream of Timmy Bumble Bee

26. Root Ofallthought

27. Waltz of the Toothpicks

28. Syzygistic Oracle

29. Legume Vacuum

30. Chiperace Magic Stage

31. Earolin

32. Phantasmal Aquatic Patacrobatics Stage



Slow life. Vicious circle. Onanism. Horizontal. Round trip for the buffer. Junk of life. Cheap construction. Tin, cords, iron wire. Eccentric wooden pulleys. Monotonous flywheel. Beer professor. 52

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