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Concentio Corpusculum Dilutum 

By Hans Spinnermen

From the belly of M. Darwiniensis

Squiggling songs in a cappella,

Come these singing micro-species

Made of hairs, they call flagella.33


Five pulsing spirals throbbing spastic

Singing chewing tunes for trees,

Trapped within 5 tubes of plastic

Where they quiver with unease.


What’s your riddle little squiggle?

Can you squig it in my ear?

Are you one or are you many?

Can you tell me gidouille dear?




Mixo–treak-a! What you speak-a?

Did you say I am the freak-a?

I’m that many merger creature,

Made of countless other features,


Each restless nest of fickle other beings!?!


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