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T I M E   M A C H I N E

Tempus Apparatus 

By Dr. Faustroll


“The Machine has two Pasts: the past anterior to our own present, what we might call the real past; and the past created by the Machine when it returns to our Present and which is in effect the reversibility of the Future.  Likewise, since the Machine can reach the real Past only after having passed through the Future, it must go through a point symmetrical to our Present, a dead center between future and past, and which can be designated precisely as the Imaginary Present.  


Thus the Explorer in his Machine beholds Time as a curve, or better as a closed curved surface analogous to Aristotle's Ether, elsewhere described as Ethernity. Without the Machine an observer sees less than half of the true extent of Time, much as men used to regard the Earth as flat.  


From the operation of the Machine there can easily be deduced a definition of Duration. Since it consists in the reduction of t to 0, and of 0 to -t, we shall say:  Duration is the transformation of a succession into a reversion.  


In other words: THE BECOMING OF A MEMORY.”70  - Dr. Faustroll

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