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Pharus Foetidus Viscera

By Maxine Edison

Maxine Edison’s Huxleian65 take on Jacobson's organ can be witnessed in the exciting demonstration she has prepared for our exhibition.  Upon this cylinder she has mounted the horn of a unicorn66 which is induced with a slow-moving rotation that counters the spiral traces of its growth, thus producing a natural secretion the color of topaz. The horn is encased in a dome of glass, illuminated from above, and surrounded by eight blow-pipes.67


This lighthouse, in the shape of the medicinal cuttlefish, emits not photons, but scattering of molecular oscillations68 as it conveys the time of day by way of odor. Visitors luxuriate in the ever-changing bouquet of; fresh baked pumpkin pie, hot buttered popcorn, cinnamon buns, band aids, canned corn, old lady hands, chicken Tikka Masala and sugar cookie.

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