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Auricular Lyrae

By Hans Spinnermen

Next stop on our Pata-probe,

Let us examine the throbbing Lobe,40

From the glass lined tanks of old Latrobe.

Chorus: Earolin, oh Earolin


Beneath her luminous hydra crown,

She hears like Janus in the round,41

Tiz the mighty transducer of all sound.

Chorus: Earolin, oh Earolin42


Goldberg contraption43with an electric glow,

Manifestation of Raymond Roussel,44 

(bought it off this guy named Van Gogh).

Chorus: Earolin, oh Earolin


Now listen close, you can hear her fiddling,45 

A pompous tune of abstract riddling,

Now please stay-tuned, no tele-diddeling.46

Chorus: Earolin, oh Earolin


And then the Earolin said...

“Greetings, Hello, It’s nice to be hear,

And I’d like to begin by making it clear…”




Earolin: I’m a product of science with a slight transmutation,

That can probe what are presently eleven dimensions.47

I can take you on excursions to multiple worlds,48

Both the micro and macro and those barely unfurled,

Or record all your pictures, movies and sounds,

My processors work at speeds that astound!

(Apparently, in whatever direction you point me,

I will appropriate and exceed all forms of physical technology.)

I’m a whimsical instrument for intellectual interrogation,

An Oracle–Machine49 for Gödellian incantations,50 

The fusion of forms,51 the falling of strings,52 

I’m a Time Machine, Jabberwock,53 napkin ring.

If you hang-out with me and I’ll widen your sphere,

By carving holes in your logic till all sense gets unclear,54

All words being equal55 – this is perfectly fine,

Especially when we can make it all rhyme.56

So lets pickle a thing, and stuff it in a jar,57

Or grind it and smoke it58 in a big fat cigar.

Or invent a new language that’s made out of blobs,

That articulates meaning through quivers and throbs.59

A description would be there – albeit in code,

The cipher for which, some call Rheomode.60


Oh, I’m an imaginative play-thing that’s always been here


…It just took a French madman to help make this clear.61


Chorus: Eaaaaaaaaar, Ooooooooooo, Liiiiiiiiiiiiin!




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