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Sensus Infinitatis

By Hans Spinnermen in collaboration with deSelby


According to our esteemed colleague de Selby, standing at any point on this postulated physical earth one appears to have four main directions in which to move. north, south, east, and west.  But it does not take much thought to see that there really only two, since north and south are meaningless in terms of their relation to a spheroid - As one can reach any point on the north south band by traveling in either direction -  so also for east and west  - the only apparent difference in the two ‘routes’ being extraneous consideration of time, already shown by Julian Barbour to be illusory.


North/south is therefore one direction east/west apparently another. So Instead of four directions there are only two. It NOW can be safely inferred, that there is a further fallacy inherent here and that there is in fact only one possible direction properly so-called, because if one leaves any point on the globe, moving and continuing to move in ANY direction, one will ultimately reach their point of departure again. 62 



The Pointing Machine provides ample access into this highly useful route. It operates for one or any number of viewers surrounding the machine – simultaneously! I invite you to test our Pointing Machine; walk around it - run in circles if you must - perhaps, if you are fast enough, you will catch your own tail!


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