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A disorganized list of Web Articles sited/ Sites/ References/ Kinships – Active as of April 2014-


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The City Museum, Saint Louis MO, http://www.citymuseum.org/site/ -

College de  ‘Pataphysique, (English Page), http://www.college-de-pataphysique.fr/presentation_en.html -

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The Flat Earth Society - website is dedicated to unraveling the true mysteries of the universe and demonstrating that the earth is flat and that Round Earth doctrine is little more than an elaborate hoax. http://theflatearthsociety.org/forum/ -

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The Modern World,  http://www.themodernword.com/default.aspx -

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Reference for mixitricha paradoxical Whipple, Allison/ Levine, Zeva/ Damon-Moore, Laura/Kahrl, Ariel/ Sacks, Hannah/ Stulberg, Michael/Smith, Casey M, Scogin, The Microbial Biorealm, A Microbial Diversity Resource (as of May 2006) http://biology.kenyon.edu/Microbial 

Walter Woodburry -  Photographic Amusements -  published in 1905 PDF - https://ia802307.us.archive.org/2/items/photographicamus00woodiala/photographicamus00woodiala.pdf