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Books and web sites that have influenced latest iteration of Musée Patamécanique

Link to Musée Patamécanique Annotations


Abbott, Edwin, Flatland, A Romance of Many Dimensions, 1880, New York: Dover Publications, 1992 - link to 1884 second and revised edition.

Ackerman, Diane, A Natural History of the Senses, Vintage Books, New York: 1990-

Ackerman, Diane, An Alchemy of Mind, Scribner, New York: 2004-

Antheil, George, Bad Boy of Music, (George Antheil 1945), Samuel French Trade, Hollywood California: 1990-

Ascott, Roy, Telematic Embrace, University of California Press: 2003-

Bachelard, Gaston, The Poetics of Space, Beacon Press; First Edition: 1994-

Bagely, John, and Oldman, James T, Gödelian Elucidations, (Forward by Adam S. Stetson) Uqbar University press, Zahir: 117, 133 E.P.-

Baudrillard, Jean, Pataphysics of the Year 2000, Galilee: Paris, 1992. Translated by Charles Dudas -

Baudrillard, Jean, Illusion of the End, translated by Chris Turner, Stanford University Press, California: 1994-

Baudrillard, Jean, Pataphysics, (originally written c. 1950s) translated by Simon Watson Taylor, The London Institute of Pataphysics/Atlas Press, London: 2005-

Baudrillard, Jean, Simulacra and Simulation, translated by Sheila Faria Glaser (Originally published in French by Editions Galilee, 1981), The University of Michigan Press: 1994-

Bareli, Sandy Ellen, A Possible History of Patamechanics, translated by Ana Gram, Imaginary Press: 129 E.P.-

Benjamin, Walter, Illuminations: Essays and Reflections, Schocken Books, New York: 1924-28-1986-

Berkley. George, A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, (First published in 1710) Hackett Pub: 1982-

Bök, Christian, ‘Pataphysics, The poetics of an imaginary science, Northwestern University Press: 2002-

Borges, Jorge Luis, Labyrinths, Selected Stories and Other Writings, Edited by Donald A. Yates and James E. Irby, Preface be Andre Maurois, New Directions Publishing, New York: 1962-

Borges, Jorge Luis, Collected Fictions, Translated by Andrew HurleyPenuin Classics: 1998-

Borges, Jorge Luis, Collected Non-Fictions, Translated by Andrew HurleyPenuin Classics: 1999-

Borges, Jorge Luis, Other Inquisitions 1937- 1952, Translated by Ruth Simms, University of Texas, Austin, London: 1964-

Bohm, David, Thought as a System, Routledge, New York: 1994-

Bohm, David and Peat David F., Science, Order and Creativity, Second edition, Routledge, New York: 2000-

Boxsel, Matthijs Van, The Encyclopaedia of Stupidity, Reaktion Books: 2003-

Braun, Marta, Picturing Time, The Work of Etienne-Jules Marey (1830 – 1904), University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1994-

Brotchie, Alastair, Alfred Jarry A Pataphysical Life, MIT Press, Cambridge/London: 2011

Buskirk, Martha, and Nixon, Mignon, The Duchamp Effect, Essays, Interviews, Round Table - An October Book, MIT Press, Cambridge: 1999-

Calvino, Italo, Invisible Cities, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich: 1978-

Carroll, Lewis, The Annotated Alice, Alice ’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Illustrations by John Tenniel, Introduction and notes by Martin Gardner, Bramhall House, New York: 1970-

Colonna, Francesco – Hypnerotomachina Poliphili, The strife of Love in a Dream (written in 1499), Translated by Joscelyn Godwin, Thames and Hudson, New York:1999-

Coover, Robert, The Grand Hotels of Joseph Cornell, Burning Deck :2001-

Coverley, Mervin, Psychogeography, Pocket Essentials; 2nd Revised edition: 2010-

Crary, Jonathan, Techniques of the Observer, On Vision and Modernity in Modern Culture, MIT Press, Cambridge: 1992-

Crary, Jonathan, Suspensions of Perception,Attention, Spectacle, and Modern Culture, MIT Press, Cambridge: 2001-

Daumal, Rene, Mount Analogue, Tusk Ivories: 2004-

Daumal, Rene, Pataphysical Essays, (Edited and translated by Thomas Vosteen),Wakefield Press: 2012-

Daumal, Rene, A Night of Serious Drinking, Tusk Ivories: 2003-

De Certeau, Michel, The Practice of Everyday Life, Translation by Steven F Rendall, University of California Press; Reprint edition: 2011-

De Selby, Codex, Imaginary Press International: (publication date unknown - prior to 1940)-

De Selby, Golden hours, Original manuscript, written in crayon on parchment:  (C.  1939)-

De Selby, The Laymen’s Atlas,  Supreme Pancake Press: 1940-

De Selby,The County Album, Supreme Pancake Press: 1940-

Deleuze, Gilles and Guattari, Félix, A Thousand Plateaus, translated by Brian Massumi, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis: 1987-

Deleuze, Gilles and Guattari, Félix, Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, Penguin Classics: 2009

Duchamp, Marcel, The Bride stripped bare By Her Bachelors Even (The Green Box Notes) - a typographic version by Richard Hamilton , Translated by George Heard Hamilton, Hansjörg Mayer, Stuttgart, London, Reykjavik, New York: 1976-

Duchamp, Marcel, The Writings of Marcel Duchamp, edited by Michel Sanouillet and Elmer Peterson, Da-Capo Press, New York:1973-

Eco, Umberto, Travels in Hypereality, Harcourt: 1986-

Feeney, Laurence, The Menace of Puns, Longman, London: 1943-

Feyerabend, Paul, Against Method, Verso, London-New York: 2002 - (first published 1975)-

Foucault, Michel, The Archaeology of Knowledge, translation by. A.M. Sheridan Smith, Tavostock, London: 1972-

Foucault, Michel, es Mots et Les choses: Une archéologie des sciences humaines. (The Order of Things, An Archaeology of the Human Sciences), Pantheon Books, New York: 1966-

Foucault, Michel, Raymond Roussel: Death and the Labyrinth, Double Day, New York: 1986-

Gil, Jesus Berrego, abcdefghijklmnopqustuvwxyz, translation by Ana Gram, Uquar University Press: 1946-

Gödel, Kurt, On formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems, Dover Publications, New York: 1992-

Goldstein, Emmanuel, The Theory and Practice Of Oligarchical Collectivism, Imaginary Press International: 1949-

Gram, Ana, A Game of shifting Mirrors, Imaginary Press: 131 E.P.-

Gross, Kenneth, Puppet - an essay on uncanny life, University of Chicago Press: 2011-

Harbison, Robert, Eccentric Spaces, MIT Press: 2000 (note relation to Chapter 5)-

Harbison, Robert , The Built, The Unbuilt and the Unbuildable, MIT Press: 1991-

Hatchjaw, The De Selby Water-Boxes, Day by Day, Imaginary Press (publication date unknown - prior to 1940)-

Hankins, Thomas L. and Silverman, Robert J., Instruments and the Imagination, Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1995-

Henderson, Linda Dalrymple, Duchamp in Context, Science and Technology in the large Glass and Related Works, Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1998

Hohhmann, E.T.W.,The Sandman

Hofstadter, Douglas R., Gödel, Escher, Bach, An Eternal Golden Braid, Basic Books, Inc. Publishers, New York: 1979-

Huffman, William, Robert Fludd, Berkley, North Atlantic Books, California: 2001-

Hugill, Andrew, ‘Pataphysics, a Useless Guide, MIT Press: 2012-

Hume, David, An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding, with an Abstract of A Treatise of Human Nature, Charles W. Hendel Ed.,Bobbs-Merrill Company, New York: 1955-

Huysmans, Joris-Karl A Rebours (Against Nature), translated by Robert Baldick, Penguin, (first published 1884) London & New York: 1971-

Impey and Macgregor; The Origins of Museums, the Cabinet of Curiosities in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Europe, Oxford University Press, London: 1985-

Jacobs, N. Naming Day in Eden, Gollancz, London: 1958-

Jarry, Alfred, Ubu Roi, translated by Beverly Keith and G. Legman, Dover Publications, New York: 2003-

Jarry, Alfred, Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, ‘Pataphysician, A Neo-Scientific Novel, (Written in 1898, published posthumously in 1911) Translated and annotated by Simon Watson Taylor, Exact Change, Boston: 1996-

Jarry, Alfred, Collected Works Vol. 1, Atlas Press, London: 2001-

Jarry, Alfred, Collected Works Vol. 2, Atlas Press, London: 2006-

Jarry, Alfred, The Supermale, Translated by Ralph Gladstone and Barbara Wright, Exact Change, Cambridge: 1990-

Jay, Ricky, Extraordinary Exhibitions - The wonderful Remains of an Enormous Head, the Whimsiphusicon and Death to the Savage Unitarians, Quantuck Press, NewYork: 2005-

Justor, Norton, The Phantom Tollbooth, Bullseye Books; Reprint edition (October 12, 1988)

Kang, Minsoo, Sublime Dreams of Living Machines, Harvard University Press,Cambridge MA: 2011-

Mauries, Patrick, Cabinets of Curiosities, Thames and Hudson, New York: 2002-

McLuhan, Marshall, Understanding Media, The Extensions of Man, Signet Books:1964-

Millhauser, Steven, Martin Dressler, the tale of an American dreamer, Vintage: 1998-

Millhauser, Steven, The Knife Thrower, Vintage: 1998-

Millhauser, Steven, The Barnum Museum, Vintage: 1990-

Millhauser, Steven, Dangerous Laughter, Knopf, 2008-

Millhauser, Steven, The Barnum Museum, Vintage: 1990-

Millhauser, Steven, The Penny Arcade, Dalkey Archive, Vintage: 1998-

Motte, Warren F. Jr, Oulipo, A Primer of Potential Literature, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln Nebraska: 1998-

Nabokov, Vladimir, Lolita, Vintage; 2011-

Nabokov, Vladimir, Pale Fire: A Poem in Four Cantos by John Shade, Gingko Press; Pap/Bklt/C edition, 2011-

Nagel, Ernest, and Newman, James R, Gödel’s Proof, (Forward by Douglas R. Hofstadter) Revised Edition, University Press, New York: 1958/2001-

NiBelly, Daren Elsa, A Patamechanical Reader, Imaginary Press: 125 E.P.-

NiBelly, Daren Elsa Another History of the Zahir, Imaginary Press: 127 E.P.-

NiBelly, Daren Elsa, Beyond Metamechanics, Imaginary Press: 133 E.P.-

NiBelly, Daren Elsa, Further Extensions and Analyses, Imaginary Press: 131 E.P.-

NiBelly, Daren Elsa, More Pipelines to the Infinite (with Eddy Othermen) , Imaginary Press: 137 E.P.-

NiBelly, Daren Elsa, The Definitive de Selby Dialectics. Imaginary Press: 124 E.P.-

O’Brien, Flann, At Swim two Birds, (first published 1952), Dalkey Archive Press, London: 1998-

O’Brien, Flann, The Dalkey Archive, (first published 1961), Dalkey Archive Press, London:  2006-

O’Brien, Flann, The Third Policeman, (first published 1967,  Dalkey Archive Press, London: 2002-

Peret, Benjamin, The Leg Of Lamb, Its Life And Works (first published 1957) (translated by Mark Lowenthal) Wakefield Press, 2011-

Rabelais, Francois, Gargantua and Pantagruel, 1534 -37, (translated by Burton Raffel) W Norton company, New York, London: 1991-

Redfern, Walter, All Puns Intended: The Verbal Creation of Jean-Pierre Brisse, Legenda: 2001-

Redfern, Walter, Puns, Blackwell Pub: 1985-

Roussel, Raymond, Impressions of Africa, Originally published 1914, this edition 1983, John Calder Publishers, Great Britain: 1983-

Roussel, Raymond, Locus Solus, Originally published 1914, this edition 1983, John Calder Publishers, Great Britain: 1983-

Sal’lien and Brelly, Storia ed origini dei metodi patameccanici nel sedicesimo secolo Europa: - (History and Origins of Patamechanical Methodologies in 16th Century Europe) Cittàgazze: Imaginary Press International: 100 E.P.-

Scheerbart, Paul, The Perpetual Motion Machine: The Story of an Invention, (1910),(translated by Andrew Jordon) Wakefield Press, 2011-

Schopenhauer, Arthur, The World as Will and Representation (second expanded edition 1844) Dover, New York: 1969-

Schwob, Marcel, The Book of Monelle (1894) Wakefield Press: 2012-

Seba, Albert, Locupletissimi Rerum Naturalium, Taesauri Accurata Descriptio , 1734 - Translation: Natural Curiosities, From The Cabinet of Albertus Seba, From a miniature reprinted volume by Taschen, Cologne: 2003 (It is also worth noting that the  original Seba catalogues may be  viewed at the Providence Athenaeum)-

Secundus, Gaius Plinius, Natural History (The History of the World) Printed in 79 AD, Penguin Classics:, 1991-

Serres, Michel, The Birth of Physics, Translated by Jack Hawkes, Clinamen Press, Manchester: 2000-

Seuss, Dr., Horton Hears a Who!, Random House, New York: 1982-

Shattuck, Roger, The Innocent Eye, On Modern Literature and The Arts, MFA Publications, Boston: 2003-

Shattuck, Roger, The Banquet Years, Vintage Books, New York: 1968-

Shelley, Mary, Frankenstein (or, the Modern Prometheus), New York: International Collectors Library, (this edition is not dated, first published, London: 1818)-

Silver, Burton and Hansard, Peter, What Bird Did That? A driver’s guide to some common birds of North America, Top Speed Press, Berkeley California:1991-

Spinnermen, Hans, Select Musings, Imaginary Press: 134 E.P.-

Stafford, Barbara M and Terpak, Frances, Devices of Wonder, From the World in a Box to Images on a Screen, Getty publications, California: 2001-

Steiner, George, Real Presences, University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1989-

Swift, Jonathan, Gulliver’s Travels, (1726 Motte editions, with corrections from the 1735 Faulkner edition.) Modern Promotions, United Kingdom: 1982-

Tesla, Nikola, My Inventions, The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla, Heart Brothers, Vermont: 1982-

Torma, Julien, The Obscure Lamp – first published 1919, To Be added-

Turing, Alan Systems of logic based on ordinals, Proc. London Math, London: 1939-

Varela, Thompson, Rosch, The Embodied Mind, Cognative Science and Human Experience, MIT press, Cambridge/London: 1993-

Villiers, de l'Isle-Adam, Tomorrow's Eve,( L'Ève future -1886), Translated by Robert Martin, University of Illinois Press: 2000-

Vonnegut, Kurt, Welcome to the Monkey House, Dell Publishing, New York: 1968-

Wegner, Daniel M, The Illusion of Conscious Will, MIT Press, Cambridge: 2002-

Weschler, Lawrence, Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder, Pronged ants, horned humans, mice on toast, and other marvels of Jurassic Technology, First Vintage Books Edition, New York: 1996-

Wolf, Maynard Frank, Rube Goldberg, Inventions, Simon and Shuster, New York: 2000-

Zerubavel, Eviatar, The Fine Line, University Of Chicago Press: 1993-

Zukav, Gary, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, an Overview of the New Physics, Bantam, New York: 1979-


A disorganized list of Web Articles sited/ Sites/ References/ Kinships – Active as of April 2014-


Anastasi, William, Alfred Jarry and l’Accident of Duchamp” issue one, 1999 published in the tout fait online journal of Duchamp studies, -

Atlas Obscura , -

The City Museum, Saint Louis MO, -

College de  ‘Pataphysique, (English Page), -

De Bergerac, Cyrano ‘The Other World, The Societies and Governments of the Moon (1657)’, Translation and notes by Donald Webb, -

Berkley, George, (a nice little summary from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) -

Duchamp explained in a Wallace Stevens television interview, the Ready-made is “half poetry and half plastic” from the web site -

The Flat Earth Society - website is dedicated to unraveling the true mysteries of the universe and demonstrating that the earth is flat and that Round Earth doctrine is little more than an elaborate hoax. -

Hugilll, Andrew, Imaginary Music Technologies: a survey, -

The Lost Museum, -

The Modern World, -

Morbid Anatomy, -

The Morris Museum, -

Nechvatal, Joseph, Jean Baudrillard’s Pataphysics, -

The London Institute of ‘Pataphysics, -

Lucretius, On the Nature of Things, Written 50 B.C.E , Translated by William Ellery Leonard internet classics Archives, -

HOMU - The homeless museum of Art, -

The Museum of Jurasassic Technology -

Media Museum, Version 4 - 01/01/2006, A History of Early Visual and Popular Media/ Disks and Stampfer Disks/ Joseph Plateau, -

Roberts, Francis “I Propose to Strain the Laws of Physics.” Art News 67 (Dec 1968): 62. -

Sleep no More, -

Tegmark, Max, Reference to his 2003 Scientific American article, Parallel Universes, May issue, may be found here. -

Tout-fait, Marcel Duchamp Studies Online journal, -

UbuWeb, -

The Velaslavasay Panorama, -

Reference for mixitricha paradoxical Whipple, Allison/ Levine, Zeva/ Damon-Moore, Laura/Kahrl, Ariel/ Sacks, Hannah/ Stulberg, Michael/Smith, Casey M, Scogin, The Microbial Biorealm, A Microbial Diversity Resource (as of May 2006) 

Walter Woodburry -  Photographic Amusements -  published in 1905 PDF - 

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