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So, you're thinking about getting some friends together to come visit us? Here's what to do:


First, read our Tours and FAQ pages VERY carefully and maybe watch a video or two. Now, take some time to consider who you'll be inviting. Keep in mind that a visit to Musée Patamécanique is NOT for everyone87. We certainly don't want to offend anybody with our playful form of museology - and its no fun for our guides if visitors don't want to participate in the show.


If you STILL think a visit to Musée Patamécanique would make for an entertaining evening for you and your group then go to our CONTACT page, look at the dates that are available and write us a note. And remember, all of our tours depart at sunset.


Once we have a date set we like to invest a little time into getting to know each potential visitor by asking them a simple question. For example:

"Why are tongues like bridges? Please explain in no less than 45 words."



"The man behind the curtain has left for lunch. You are filling in for him. Explain your new duties in no less than 57 words."


Throughout this process you will act as liaison, coordinating your group members individual responses and then submitting them to us in a single document or email. Based on these responses (or lack there of) we'll get a sense of whether you and your party will enjoy the Musée Patamécanique experience - or not.

Vis-à-vis: This is how we curate our audience.

Why all the hubbub?


Musée Patamécanique is not so much a place – but a playful state of mind. Each potential visitor's ability to share a little creative energy is really what opens our doors. This interaction allows guests to enter the artwork not as spectators, but as participants. It's a technique we’ve been developing for many years.

Martial Canterel
Curator of Audiences
Musée Patamécanique

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