The Pataphysical Calendar

Le Calendrier Pataphysique is a dating system originated by Alfred Jarry and employed by Musée Patamécanique, The Collège de ‘Pataphysique, The London Institute of Pataphysics abd other pataphysical institutions.


The Pataphysical Era, occasionally signified on these pages with the letters E.P., officially began on Alfred Jarry’s birthday; the 1st day of Absolu of the year 01 (The 8th of September, 1873). There are 13, 4-week, 29-day “months” in each Pataphysical year, each month begins on Sunday and has a Friday the 13th. Every day has its own special title derived for the annals of ‘Pataphysics and the 29th is always “Hunyadi” (ün-ya-DEE). All Hunyadis are imaginary days, the “Hunyadi Gras” of Gidouille and the leap year Hunyadi of Pedale are said to exude exceptional pataphysical properties.