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One of Groucho Marx’s half smoked cigars, nicely displayed in a glass case.72 


A Urinal (pre 1917 American standard) cleaned and signed by one R Mutt.73  


Jacket worn by The Velvet Gentleman.74


The lobster and can of corned beef which Dr. Faustroll wore round his neck.75   


A tour of Howth Castle and Environs.76


Officer MacCruiskeen’s bicycle bell.77  


The realization and practical application of Paul Feyerabend "Methods". 78   


The scepter of Golbasto Momaren Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue.79  


A topographic map of the Fourth Dimension. 


A lump of Bexium.80  


A moment of Henri Bergson’s time.81 


A hand written description of how Pantagruel shielded an entire army with his tongue and a photo essay of what the author found in his mouth.82


An anomalous epiphany in syzygy with the absolute.


An 18th Century stuffed Crocodylus Niloticus. It must have died of natural causes.83 


Volume XLVI of the Anglo American Cyclopaedia composed of 921 pages containing an article on Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis, Tertius.84


A French speaking frog – or the railway station seat once routinely occupied by one J. P. Brisset.


An introduction to Qfwfq.85 


Magritte’s bowler hat containing two tickets to the Museum of Eagles.


One 140 year old unfortunately un-chewed toothpick  - nicely displayed in a glass case.86

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