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by way of "Esse Est Percipi36"


"The symbolic attribution of the properties of objects, described by their virtuality to their lineaments.37

F U R T H E R   O B S E R V A T I O N S  


Imagine something – visualize anything you like. One enjoys having imaginary things or potential experiences floating about in the mind. But alas, we are never truly happy unless we are somehow able to bring this imaginary experience up (Up! Up! Up!) to a phenomenal level – to REALIZE our desires in some way.  


So we cause them to occur; we do this by sharing our imaginings with others through conversation or by writing about them - by drawing them, building them or purchase them... sometimes even stealing them! We strive to make our imaginings REAL by giving them FORM in any way we can.   


Why? Because we humans have an innate need for tangible evidence of our imaginary existence.   


Obviously – every invention, every building, every business, every book, every painting, every song, the design of every teapot and toy. Any and all forms of desired experience that have come into physical existence are the result of this primordial process.   


While these marvelous human creations are indeed, very, very real, one can also argue that ultimately – they shall forever remain, quite imaginary.


A simple exercise will demonstrate this point for the laymen;

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Esse Est Percipi - Adapted
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