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Neil Salley

Examples of Student Work

I’m so excited to share this collection of student work samples with you! I’ve selected 20 samples from 3 different classes including a description of each project from the syllabus. If the video is slow to load click the Youtube or Vimeo link in the lower right to view it directly.

ARTS 204 - Video Art

Project 3,  Appropriation and Remix  (culturejamming/subvertising)

Propaganda is a powerful tool for politicians, corporations, advertisers, cultural institutions and anyone who is looking to manipulate a story, but it is also the starting point for acts of subversion, humor, and creative resistance. Early examples of video art often featured the appropriation, deconstruction and manipulation of mass media and culture as a form of social critique. For this project will find political and imaginative expression in re-editing and re-interpreting material  “harvested” from the web. Students will come away well-versed in the techniques and tricks used in remix works, including ripping videos, sampling and audio/video cut-ups.


Lindsey B questions societal perceptions of the female form – and psyche



Nadine B created this Meta-superficial mash-up. Are you worth it?



And then we have Ethan O… Just be sure to keep your eyes on the screen at the very end.

Project 4, Transformation – Video as a Sculptural Medium

For this project students explored the creative possibilities of using video as a tool for transforming objects and environments. By using video projectors in conjunction with Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects software students turned everyday objects such as boxes, pillows, ceilings and doors - into display surfaces for video projection. What will the objects say? How will they act? What sorts of transformations can we make occur? Students also had to document their projects. 






Megan M transformed a pillow and a mike crate into a dreamlike piece called “Restless”.


Arthur A transformed a Christmas ornament into two animated characters.

Danny M transformed a few tables and blankets into a magical tree house.

Arts 267 - Web Art

Through a series of projects, readings and discussions Web-Art students are introduced to the possibilities for making artworks that utilize computer software, hardware, networks and hybrid forms of interactive multimedia. Over the course of the semester students develop proficient skills in photo editing, creating animations for the web, developing hypertext storytelling sensibilities, working with text and webpage design as well as recording and editing sound and video for the web. Students then unite their new skill set in the form of a final project: A multimedia interactive website due at the end of the semester. Click any image to go directly to the website.

Tom H’s playful exploration of the brain and its functions. Tom is a psychology major.






















Graeme B‘s created evocative survey into Jean-Paul Sartre’s 7 central theories of Existentialism.


Connor S made a very challenging game of escape! Can you find a way out?


Lucas S takes us along on a selection of travel destinations in New England – and beyond.


Brendan C created a terrifying hyperlinked tale of horror and gifdom.

ARTS 104  - Introduction to Digital Imaging and 4-D Design

Project 1, Digital Image to To Digital Animation

After series of tutorials and workshops in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects each student creates a composite digital image and then turns that image into a 7 second animation which is compiled by the instructor and shared with the class. For many this is there first contact with professional digital media tools.

Digital Image to Digital Animation Class Portrait

Project 3, Creating Audio Narratives

This is one of my favorite assignments. Students are shown how to use professional audio recording equipment as well as professional sound editing software.  They listen to a variety of examples from programs like NPR’s Radiolab, This American Life, projects produced at Transom and even some 1940’s radio shows. I provide technical guidance as each student produces his or her project independently.

Project 4, Creating Video Narratives

After reviewing several examples of video narratives and taking part in demonstration on the principals of image composition, shooting and lighting techniques with a SMARTPHONE, students then create a “video narrative” that includes recording live motion images and then integrating these elements with graphics and sound using “Final Cut”.

Valerie A’s poetic exploration of Haitian culture and its inherent diversity

Brenna B opens our eyes to gun culture and its appeal

Carly Q shares her observations on the power of make-up

Thanks for taking the time to explore this collection of student work. If you'd like to see more, please visit our class websites:

Web Art 1 - Spring 2017


Intro to 4D - Spring 2017

Video Art  - Fall 2016

Web Art 1/2 - Fall 2016

Neil's Work

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Megan C - The story of a curious family tradion - Pigeon Racing
Valerie A - A spoken word piece set to minimal soundtrack
Lindsey B - An apocalyptic vision of a future virus outbreak
Carley Q - An epic poetic journey into a Gaelic netherworld (make sure you listen till the end!)
Amy N - A deeply personal sonic family portrait
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