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Pataphysical Resources

'Pataphysics in a Jiffy


The vastest and most profound of Sciences which contains all others within itself whether they want it to or not. 


'Pataphysics was illustrated by Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) in the admirable persona of Doctor Faustroll in his neo-scientific novel -“Exploits and Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, ‘Pataphysician” published posthumously in 1911.


Often referred to as “The science of imaginary solutions”, 'Pataphysics may also be described as the study of the particular and the exceptional, it being clearly understood that the world is composed entirely of exceptional exceptions and that any “rule” is precisely an exception to the exception; as for the universe, Faustroll defined it as “that which is the exception to oneself”.

THE SCIENCE to which Jarry dedicated his life is practiced unwittingly by all of mankind. Human beings could more easily dispense with breathing than with 'Pataphysics. We find Pataphysics in the Exact and Inexact Sciences (though nobody admits it), in the Fine Arts and the Foul Arts and in every kind of human activity. Open any newspaper, turn on the radio, explore the internet or have a conversation with your child, your wife, your lover, your friend, your self - ALL speak Pataphysics!


'Pataphysics is the very substance of this world AND ALL OTHERS. (source)

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